Is it safe to have gold shipped?

Select a carrier that provides you with a tracking number and other security measures to ensure that your package gets where you need to go safely. If you are looking for the best gold IRA rollover, carriers such as FedEx or UPS have offices around the world and can often send packages by priority mail to their destination within 24 to 48 hours. To reduce the chance of losses due to poor packaging, start by finding a box that is strong enough to support the weight of your shipment. Lightweight corrugated cardboard cushions your package and is extremely strong, making it an ideal choice for the best gold IRA rollover. Fill in any cracks with shipping material, such as newsprint or bubble wrap.

If you are sending coins, place them in a padded envelope or tape them together to prevent them from moving around the package during shipment. Insert a packing slip that lists the contents, your contact information, and the recipient's contact information. Once the box is packed, place it in a second outer box that is one inch larger in diameter. Fill the space between the two boxes with packaging material to further protect your precious metal.

Securely glue the outer box together with packing tape. Address the label clearly without using words that refer to what is in the box. In other words, if a company name contains precious metals or gold, don't. Weigh your package for a reference before shipping.

While vaults like this exist, gold bars are much more accessible than the average gold owner can imagine. Shipping small items, such as gold coins, or larger items, such as gold ingots, will determine the type of shipping container you will need, as well as how much shipping could cost. If you have enough gold to guarantee the cost, contact several courier services to compare the quotes for the armored gold carrier.